Why Us

It Matters Which Plumbing Companies Charlotte NC You Call

It also matters which restaurant you go to or which movie theater you visit or which hotel you stay at. It matters which company you spend money with, but how do you vett out which company to choose?


Well for one thing, the companies that show up at the top of Google and other search engines are likely the ones you will call. Studies show that more than a third of all search traffic goes to the first website found on a Google search or any search engine. It turns out people like convenience and will usually go for the 1st website or map location that’s found.


Another big reason to choose one of the plumbing companies Charlotte NC is based upon their reviews. Reviews mean a whole lot and research finds that over 80% of all customers read reviews before making a purchase decision. In a world where there are so many competitors to choose from, we need some way to decipher which ones are better than the others. So we’ve currently elected to have reviews as a big reason.


Finally, you choose which company will be the best based upon the execution of their work. You aren’t going to work with plumbing companies Charlotte NC that don’t answer their phone or don’t treat you with respect on the phone right? Excellence in work is mighty important to not only gathering great reviews, but also growing a remarkable business.


Here comes Charlotte Plumbing Masters! Charlotte Plumbing Masters is a company that’s served as one of the best answers for plumbing companies Charlotte NC options. Want to read some more specific reasons about why that is? Then read below!


What Makes Charlotte Plumbing Masters Stand Out?



Charlotte Plumbing Masters Typical Charlotte Plumbers

Excellent Expertise – 

With job reviews, manufacture & PHCC certifications and weekly training, our team stands tall against the competition.

“Just Throw a Man in a Truck.” – 

They’re looking to just get a guy in a truck without any licensing or certifications. It’s all about the next job!

Upfront Prices – 

We’ll give you the accurate price for the job prior to starting any work.

Changing Prices – 

Some guys will give you a deceptive 1st price, and then charge more for “unknown problems.”

Repair First, Then Replace – 

Just keep your service call as affordable as possible, we look to repair the system first.

The “Upsell Always” Method – 

Our competitors will look to see how much they can make on each customer.

Over 110 Happy Customers – 

Charlotte Plumbing Masters continues to provide 5-star service every time! 

Most Only Have 10 Happy Customers – 

One of their happy customers is their grandma!

Excellent Expertise

Plumbing companies Charlotte NC must have great expertise with their work and at Charlotte Plumbing Masters, you’ll be working with great technicians. Our team members have PHCC certifications and other certifications for installing certain manufacturers’ parts in your home. The team lead, Diyan, also executes job reviews on a regular basis and holds weekly training meetings with the team. This intentional attention to his team helps the whole company thrive more and produce great returns in revenue, AND greater customer satisfaction!


Will you find this kind of attention and detail from the competitors? Likely not. Only the large, corporate companies think of holding weekly team meetings and staff training. But even if they hold these meetings, it’s likely because the owners of the company want them too, but the managers aren’t as motivated to instill excellence in his staff. At Charlotte Plumbing Masters, we’re very much a small business and never intend to become a giant, multi-location company in the future! Even though this is the case, we’re still intentional on providing excellence expertise. The way we do this is through accountability and consistent training. As it’s often told nowadays in business management, “Management is mentorship.” 

Upfront Prices

Have you ever been told that a service would be one price, but then the price changes? The other plumbing companies Charlotte NC will usually chalk it up to “unforeseen circumstances” or a lack of awareness on the scope of the issue. This excuse can only go so far, especially when they begin to jack your initial price up double what you were quoted (forreal). This is not a great situation and you shouldn’t expect this from any company! I mean, what if Starbucks decided to skyrocket their prices from $4.50 per coffee to $9? That would be ridiculous!


That’s why with Charlotte Plumbing, we prefer not being the ridiculous option. While of course, you pay for what you get, you’re actually getting pretty decently affordable prices with us. First and foremost though, you’re getting a company who won’t be finding “scammy” ways to generate extra revenue from your service call. You’re getting a great organization that cares about honesty, integrity and quality work. You can find more details about our core values by looking up our “About Us” page. You can also just schedule a service call with us and we’ll happily explain all the details about your pricing in-person!

Repair First, Then Replace

This could actually be quite counterintuitive for most service companies. Most plumbing companies Charlotte NC understand that the money is in simply replacing the product. Some of them are even trained to simply go for the replacement and not even try to repair it first! These moves are not recommended at Charlotte Plumbing and they shouldn’t be allowed in your home either.


Our priority is to repair first, then replace. We know that the cost of replacing a water heater or a toilet or a shower part can be quite expensive! As a favor for you and your wallet, we prefer to not make enemies with you. By working with our company, you can rest in confidence that you won’t be taken advantage of.

Lots of Happy Customers

Last and certainly not least, we have lots of people who LOVED working with us! If you just go to Google and search for our company, we have hundreds of 5-star reviews from all sorts of great folks in the Charlotte area. When you look through the list and see all the different plumbing companies Charlotte NC, you’ll notice that most don’t get anywhere close to our company. Sure, we have some competitors in Charlotte who are right there with us. In no time, we’ll be knocking the socks off of those guys and staple ourselves as the go-to plumbing company in the region.


If you love what you’re reading, then I highly recommend you give us a call today at (704) 727-7826.