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We Put Other Plumbing Companies Charlotte NC In the Hot Seat

Charlotte Plumbing Masters really has a great handle on everything you need for plumbing. That’s one of the key things you want from a plumbing company, someone who can actually come in and just fix the problem. You, as the homeowner, don’t need to worry about his credentials or whether they actually have a license or whether they will be at your home for hours and hours, trying to fix whatever problem you have. You want a company that gets the job done well and quickly for you!

What you’ll find below is a list of some of the core activities we provide at Charlotte Plumbing Masters. We can take care of other kinds of plumbing work too, but these are the key calls we get on a regular basis.


Charlotte Plumbing Masters’ Main Services


Drain Cleaning

I’m sure you can imagine why drain cleaning is one of the most frequent reasons to call plumbing companies Charlotte NC. You’ve got holiday gatherings which require lots of greasy, fatty foods. You also have regular gatherings for sports games, regular game nights, regular ol’ parties, family and friends and everything in between. All these gatherings need food and where does all that food end up? One way or another, it goes down the plumbing drain. With enough fun parties and festivities, drain cleaning will be necessary. Since you don’t want to deal with that gunk, it’s about time you called a plumber!

By calling Charlotte Plumbing Masters, we’ll make it so easy to get this fixed. It’s as simple as calling our number! We’ll actually answer the phone the first time (which is the case for only half the plumbing companies Charlotte NC out there). We’ll get you quickly scheduled and take care of the drain cleaning in no time.


Kitchen Plumbing & Remodeling

A kitchen is a grand space for foods and beverages to be prepared and consumed. With a well-functioning kitchen, your home becomes a lot greater. For a lot of homeowners though, they end up purchasing a home that needs to get some work done to the kitchen. Or after so many years of living in the home, faucets wear out, sinks are just too small and upgrades need to be made in the kitchen. 

That’s why getting trusted plumbing services Charlotte, NC in your kitchen is important. Go ahead and set up a time with Charlotte Plumbing Masters at (704) 727-7826 and our team will draft up an estimate for your kitchen and work through the numerous options for your Taj Mahal of cooking.


Bathroom Plumbing & Remodeling

So many bathrooms are so average. Sure, lots can be done as far as aesthetics, but with upgrades and tuneups to the plumbing systems, these make a tremendous difference too. At Charlotte Plumbing Masters, we’ll walk you through a catalogue of options and choices you can make for the enhancements to your bathroom. Your family and your guests need to know that they can have their private time in the most peaceful place possible. 

A bathroom that has small toilets, average faucets, low pressure water, and an overall lackluster bathroom environment would not give a great impression of your place! I’m sure you’ve been to some people’s homes and have actually been impressed with how the bathroom looks! Well then why isn’t your bathroom just as impressive? Why wouldn’t you treat yourself to a bathroom that is appropriately fit for your wants and desires? Give us a call at (704) 727-7826 and we’ll be one of the best plumbing companies Charlotte NC to help you out. 


Water Filtration Systems

Tired of drinking city water? While it’s acceptable to drink city water, it’s many times filled with elements that we don’t want. The quality of water really varies per each city too and each location. Installing a water filtration system may be a home-altering decision. Speak with us to see which options we can provide and we’ll get it done in a jiffy!


Water Heater Repair

This is another frequent request with plumbing companies Charlotte NC. Water heaters go out all the time and they need to be repaired because they start to leak or they are past their warranty. As a key part of the homeowner’s well-being, a water heater can make or break the fruitful experience of your home life.

That’s why Charlotte Plumbing Masters can mightily help you out. We’ve installed and repaired at least a few water heaters over the years and we’ll be thrilled to do it for you. 


Water Heater Replacement

You may also consider simply replacing your water heater. While our key motto is to repair first, then replace, it often makes sense to replace the water heater. 


Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters help to make your plumbing temperature systems a whole lot easier. Instead of having a giant tank in the middle of your home, why not have a sleek system you can use for supplying warmth to your home’s plumbing system?


Appliance Installation

Homes need new appliances all the time! Faucets, toilets, sinks, dishwashers, and all sorts of home appliances help you maintain a well-functioning house. With Charlotte Plumbing Masters, we’ll take a look at your appliances and see what needs to be adjusted, repaired or replaced to better suit your family’s desires. Not having a sink big enough to clean your pile of dishes? Is one of your toilets just too small? It’s time you called us!


Below are just a few of the other services we provide at Charlotte Plumbing Masters. Simply give us a call today and we’ll have your plumbing in good shape in no time!


– Sump Pumps

– Gas Lines

– Backflow Prevention

– Garbage Disposals

– Sewer Line Services

– Water Softening

– Whole Home Repiping